JOHNSTOWN, Pa. (WTAJ) — Former Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Johnstown by train Wednesday night on his Build Back Better Express train tour. 

He started the day in Cleveland, Ohio and made stops along the way to Alliance, Ohio and Pittsburgh.

Johnstown was the last stop on the tour. It was a drive-in event, where the presidential nominee addressed the crowd telling them why they should vote for him in November. 

Then, Biden took some time to talk with WTAJ News, one on one. 

We asked him about whether or not he would support packing the Supreme Court. 

 “What I’m not going to do is play Trump’s game,” said Biden when asked if he continues to support leaving the court at nine justices. “I want to focus now on what’s happening and the violating of constitutional principle that he’s violating by naming a justice after the election has started.”

“So you’re saying you won’t say yes or no because you don’t want that to become the story?” asked Kenney.

Biden responded, “I don’t want that, that’s his game all the time. I’m not being critical of you. I promise you. But, what he does every time there’s a problem, a question he doesn’t want to answer he raises a new question, a new issue.” 

Biden also said he would not name his Supreme Court justice nominees because if he is elected in November, he believes every ruling those nominees make through January would be unnecessarily criticized. However, Biden promises his nominee would be an African American woman.

Then, we asked him about fracking which  employs tens of thousands in Pennsylvania.

“I can say unequivocally I will not ban fracking. no, not fracking on federal land, will not ban fracking. I will insist that water supply and methane leakage are taken care of,” said Biden.

Pennsylvania also has one the highest number of veterans living in the Commonwealth. 

Here’s what he had to say about meeting veteran’s health care needs:

“More veterans are dying in and out of the service of suicide than any other means because we have not gone out and do what we have to do,” said Biden. “We have to make competitive salaries for psychiatrists and psychiatric nurses to work at the VA hospital. we have to raise salaries, entice them to come and work at the VA.” 

Veteran care is a topic close to Biden’s heart, as he often speaks about his son Beau who served. 

Biden also addressed the need for veterans to be seen by a doctor immediately, even having access to healthcare outside the VA, paid for by the government.