Wood carver creates large statue for local high school


PHILIPSBURG, Pa. (WTAJ) – When you drive down Route 322 just past Philipsburg, you’ll probably notice a man, chainsaw in hand.

Raymond Good started carving wood a little over four years ago when he met a man from Africa, who inspired him to start carving things.

However, it was his coworker who saw his potential and pushed him to pursue chainsaw wood carving.

“He thought I could do it, he believed in me, and it was just that fast, so realized that I can do this, so I started wondering if I could do a whole bear instead of a head, wonder if I can do an eagle, wonder if I can do an owl.” Said Raymond.

Since then, Raymond has been doing just that: carving animals, whether it is an eagle on a perch, a bear, and anything in between.

Raymond says it typically takes 5 hours to initially carve but, may take several days between the first carve to the final details being crafted on to the carvings.

He receives a ton of requests, but one of his latest requests was one he did not see coming.

“The call came and I was kind of busy, but you have to answer everything when you’re doing this, so I answered the call and he’s like ‘hey man this is so and so, the superintendent from Philipsburg’ and I was like ‘I wonder what this guy is calling for, my kids ain’t in trouble at Philipsburg.”

The call was a request to have a mountie carved for Philipsburg-Osceola high school, to represent their school mascot.

This was Raymond’s first big project, so initially, he felt overwhelmed about carving the statue.

“I felt scared, anxious, but I also felt that this is a good way to stretch myself, to push myself to something different, because I’ve done a lot of frames, I mostly do Indians, but I never did anything, like a man frame, I’ve never did anything like this.” Said, Raymond.

Now, the statue is finished and expected to sit out in front of Philipsburg-Osceola’s multi-purpose field when it is delivered sometime this spring.

Raymond adds that he is grateful the school reached out to him and asked him to make the statue.

“To me that’s an honor, that they came to me instead of going to other people, that aren’t very far away. I was tremendously honored by them coming to ask me, the local guy…That’s a pretty big deal for me.”

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