Spotted Lantern Fly traps causing dangers to wildlife


PORT MATILDA, Pa. (WTAJ) — It’s the season where the Spotted Lanternfly–an invasive species from Asia–is flying around Pennsylvania, damaging our trees and growing mold with its excrement. 

Wildlife officials have asked us to kill a Spotted Lanterfly when we see one, however, we need to be careful with the way we go about it. 

Many people are using adhesive paper to trap these pests, but sticky tape doesn’t just trap bugs, it also traps birds.

“What’s happening is birds and bats and all kinds of animals are getting caught to the sticky traps and many of them arent surviving the ordeal because its so stressful or people try to get them off or do it incorrectly,” said Robyn Graboski, the executive director of Centre Wildlife Cares.  

Graboski says that while the Spotted Lanternfly is mostly in the southeastern part of the state, sticky traps are being used everywhere and have been a problem for a while now.

“This problem happens with any type of sticky trap,” said Graboski, “whether it be fly paper, mouse trap, or the Spotted Lanternfly trap.”

Graboski says that if you find a bird that’s trapped, cut around the area where its stuck and take it into a wildlife specialist immediately. 

If you’re using a sticky trap, the solution is to put a mesh guard around it, one that has half inch openings or smaller.

If you are open to using a different type of trap, Centre Wildlife Care has other options, such as a “do it yourself” trap along with instructions.

To find out how to make your own, safe fly trap, go to their website.  

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