What Thanksgiving foods are safe for your pet?


STATE COLLEGE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Thanksgiving is a time for people to gather and spend time with family, and more importantly, eat good food.

Animals are part of many families as well, but a local veternarian is warning pet owners to be careful of what you give your animals this holiday season.

“Definitely no ham, ham is really high in salts and high in fats, so try to avoid that, a little bit of turkey meat, like some white meat or even dark meat even though it’s a little higher in fat is fine in moderation, you don’t want to give them the skin or the fatty gizzards,” says Dr. Debra Smart of Centre Animal Hospital.

Dr. Smart at Central Animal Hospital says its important not to feed animals food that contains garlic or onions, as well as sweets, as it could lead to seizures and heart issues.

However, Dr. Smart gives alternative dishes pets could have that are safe for them.

“A little bit of chicken is fine, vegetables are also good, alot of times we don’t think about that, but a little bit of something like some green beans,” Dr. Smart added.

“Carrots, something like that they could have as a snack, is fine, a little bit of bread is fine too, but I wouldn’t give them a whole bunch of stuffing because that’ll usually have a lot of butter and oils in it.”

In addition to watching what you feed your animals, Dr. Smart also suggests monitoring if other dogs are brought into the household and check to make sure they’re comfortable.

“If you’re bringing visitor dogs into your house, just make sure everybody is social and comfortable, you need to watch out for situations where there might be a couple of dogs and some food, where the dogs who are seemingly might be getting along are might get a little aggressive.”

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