“Well Charmin flew out of the store”: Local educators create coronavirus parody

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BROOKVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) — During this coronavirus pandemic, two educators are using their creative abilities to bring a little joy during a rough time.

“I love to write parody songs, I have written several for our school district for our students so this unique situation, right away, there’s gotta be something, we gotta do something about it,” said Kristie Taylor, a principal in the Clarion-Limestone School District.

“We sort of started writing a ton of ideas down both positive and negative that were related to the situation and kinda went from there,” added Chris Taylor, an English teacher at DuBois Area High School.

Their parody song, “Stuck Inside” inspired by American Pie takes viewers on a journey about the rise of the coronavirus.

Its witty lines and catchy phrases mentions things like “March Madness being cancelled” and “goodbye cruises and flights.” It even pokes fun at college students who decided to go on their spring break trips amidst the outbreak.

“We’ve done the PSSA parodies and it’s been more of poking fun and more irreverent type of things, but this time we wanted to tell a story, that had the silliness of the reactions to the situation, but also wanted to get to the point of that this is a somber situation that needs attention as well,” Chris Taylor said.

The lyrics were written mostly by Kristie and Chris Taylor, while collaborating with a few friends to make the video possible.

Since posting the video on Facebook just last week, the song has over 10,000 views and 500 shares. The couple have seen a ton of positive response from their work of art.

“There’s a reason that we’re doing this, the reason is if we do this, we hopefully will mitigate some of the consequences of the crisis,” Kristie added.

“It’s really been nothing but positive in terms of the reaction, I posted it on my Google classroom and my students watched it a lot and I got some reaction, they were spreading it around a little bit,” Chris explained.

And more importantly, through the humor, the couple stressed the importance of the message they wanted to convey.

“We didn’t do it to just be silly, we did it to try and make a point and to try share something like Chris said, if we could give everybody a couple minutes of peace and understanding, that we will get through this but it just needs to be what it is right now,” said Kristie.

You can watch the full video below:

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