That’s Cool! Get your gardening on, take a hike, and what’s that cloud?

That's Cool with Joe Murgo

(WTAJ) – In today’s edition of That’s Cool, Joe Murgo heads outside to talk about gardening and how you could have started your peppers last year! He also talks about a neat hiking app and a very interesting cloud formation.

Despite the latest chilly weather, people are starting to think about gardening!

While it’s too early to put plants out now, you could have started pepper plants last winter. Peppers are actually a perennial plant but can’t make it through our winters.

If you pull the plants out and put them in pots, cut back the foliage, and then provide them with warmth and light indoors through the winter, they can survive.

These new plants have a much better chance to produce more peppers starting quicker. You can also plant pepper seeds in the autumn and winter the new plants which can then put them into great shape for the new year.

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