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Did you know that 98% of the human nervous system is electrical, or electrochemical? In the 1970’s Dr. Daniel Kirsch came up with the idea of using electrical impulses to help control some of the physiological functions. His invention, the Alpha-Stim.

You may have had something similar during physical therapy. The Alpha-Stim uses electrical waveforms to treat chronic pain. It’s not invasive and can help patients avoid medicines with side effects. And it is something that you can do yourself!

Eventually the use of this device was evolved to help treat not only pain, but anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This is done by sending electronic impulses through your head through connections on your ears.

For the complete history of the device, click here.

The Alpha-Stim kit comes with the device itself along with clips, pads, conducting solution, and everything you need for use of the product. There are extensive instructions, including online videos. In my review of this product, I found everything I needed to use the equipment with the instructions and videos; however, there are many ways to use this device and focus is needed to best suit your needs. Therefore, I suggest, a quiet place with limited interruptions to use the device.

There were a few ways for me to test the product. I have had hip pain for a while. I also have had an ongoing issue with nerve pain and I could always use some relaxation and ways to sleep better.

Did it work?

  • For the hip pain, I found it to be quite effective after using regularly after my workouts. In fact, I found that it was enough for me to skip some regular over-the-counter medicines that I have resigned to use at times.
  • For my nerve pain, I didn’t have as much luck. I did talk to Dr. Haltiwanger from Alpha-Stim. He did open up the possibility that maybe I didn’t find just the right configuration.
  • As for insomnia, anxiety and depression. This is a hard one for me to judge. I did feel more relaxed after using but I am one who is tightly wound. I can’t say that it didn’t make problems go away, but I can say that problems didn’t crop up when I was using it.

So were there any setbacks that I have found? Only a few and I would say they are minor.

  • The treatment time is 20 minutes for most of these uses so one of the problems I found was to put aside the time to use the product regularly. And according to everything I understood from the doctor, this needs to be regular use to be most effective.
  • It is a bit awkward to treat something like a hip.
  • If you try to rush and push too much current through your ears for the head treatment it can give you a woozy, motion sickness feeling. Though the doctor did say it’s not a race as how much you can handle, but rather it’s more of a cumulative effect. Therefore, there is not advantage to put yourself in this into this situation.

So is the Alpha-Stim for you? Well that is something that you will have to discuss with you health provider. It does take a prescription to get this. This system comes with a cost, but you have to weigh the cost savings of any medicine that becomes unnecessary from the use. Some insurance companies do cover this expense, but not all.

If you are interested in the Alpha-Stim, get complete details on their website.

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