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Most likely you have heard about probiotics which can be ingested to help your digestive system to achieve a balance of good bacteria to help you absorb nutrients and fight off bad bacteria and viruses. But did you think that maybe the good bacteria that is found in nature is now missing from your house thanks to all of our cleaning and disinfecting?

Betterair is the inventor of the worlds first indoor probiotic air & surface purifier called the Biotica800®. Founded in Israel in 2010, betterair has spent 9 years researching, developing and testing its proprietary blend of environmental probiotics specifically for indoor use. Its safety and efficacy has been clinically proven following EPA protocols and tested by multiple accredited laboratories and institutions around the world.

We have tested a unit for the past couple of months in a house, but it was hard to prove that we didn’t get sick because of this, but we haven’t. The one visible thing we did notice was the lack of dust that has been building up in the room. According to CEO Richard Miller, the spray reduces emissions of dust mites which are in the dust floating around our houses. This controls dust tremendously.

Unlike other air purification systems, this unit is not something that filters the air, but rather sprays something into the air which adds to good bacteria in the room and removes bad bacteria. With a healthier environment, people will be less susceptible to allergies and illnesses. To understand more about how probiotics help to clean naturely, click here. You can also watch a timelapse of how the priobotics reduce mold.

Right now the Betterair system is undergoing tests in the fight against COVID. The company believes their probiotics eat the protein crown around the virus, which is the part that causes the devastating infection, thus making it benign. To learn more from the company, click here.

With the information that we have given, we give this a thumbs up. The only setback is cost, but a portion of all sales does go to charity. For more information, go to their website.

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