Stolen signs anger Biden supporters


DUNCANSVILLE, Pa. (WTAJ) — Stakes are high this election season—so high that police say people are finding political signs being stolen right out of their front yard.  

“Our department has seen a very high rise in call volumes as far as sign thefts,” said Trooper Christopher Fox with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Last weekend, three Duncansville neighbors experienced theft when their Biden/Harris support signs were stolen out of their lawns overnight. An offense they claim has not happened in any previous election.

“I’ve been putting political signs up in this neighborhood since I’ve lived here in the early 1990’s,” said Paul Haber, a victim of the theft. “Every presidential election I’ve put a sign up and it’s the first year I’ve actually had it stolen.”

Stanley Kearny, a long time resident of Cedar Crest Drive, says he paid for his signs with his own money, and they weren’t in his lawn for 48 hours before they were taken.

“It’s a violation of my first amendment rights to express myself and freedom of speech this country was founded on,” said Kearney.

Sandra Haber, another victim of the stolen signs, said it was extremely frustrating to discover her signs were missing. “You have no right to come onto my property and do that I don’t care who you are for or against.”

Stealing someone’s political signs isn’t just an ethical offense, it’s a crime punishable by law.  

If you are caught taking someone’s sign, you can be charged with theft, trespassing and even disorderly conduct.  

Police are asking people who have signs this election season to be more vigilant by putting up surveillance cameras to help them identify who is responsible. 

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