St. Marys man collector of hundreds of license plates, antique cars


ST. MARYS, Pa. (WTAJ) — A St. Marys man finds his passion in collecting items, specifically license plates and antique cars.

“I’m 47, so I’ve been collecting license plates since I was about 13 years old,” said Vern Kreckel III, Business Owner of Kreckel Enterprises.

Vern has hundreds of them stacked on the walls of the garage he and his dad built in 2006.

The license plates are mostly centered around Pennsylvania, many of them given to him by friends, family or found in local barns and junk yards.

But some are from all over the country.

“We put chain from the seal plate, and we equaled them out to the size of the plate, hooked the top plate to the chain, and then ran the plates down in rows, and hooked them together with black plastic zip ties,” Kreckel said.

One of the oldest plates in his collection is a 1914 porcelain plate.

And while the garage is filled with over 600 license plates, Vern also collects antique cars, which includes a 1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone, a Model T car and more.

“They’re all old mile cars as well, and all original, never been re-built or reconstructed.”

Vern takes pride in this garage, and says is favorite part is just having the collection.

“It’s just something you enjoy, it catches your eye, and you can spend an afternoon on a weekend and come out to the garage and mess around for a half hour or an hour or whenever you have time,” Vern adds.

“It’s a really nice hobby I guess to enjoy.”

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