Science with Shields: Episode #81 – Shooting Star Fireworks

Science with Shields

ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — In this episode of Science with Shields, Christy Shields shows you how to use milk to make shooting star fireworks!

What you need: 

  1. Milk
  2. Dish soap
  3. Markers
  4. Cotton Rounds
  5. Scissors
  6. Plate
  7. Food coloring


Take a cotton round and using your marker, draw a star onto it. Next, cut your star out. You may want a parent or guardian to help you with that. Repeat these steps for as many shooting stars that you want. You will then want to take your plate and pour a thin layer of milk onto it. Now, put a drop of blue food coloring into the milk, and a red drop. Add one dot of dish soap onto the back of your star. Lastly, watch what happens when you put the dish soap side of the star onto the dot of food coloring in the milk. You get a cool shooting star firework effect!


Milk contains water, but also vitamins, minerals, fats, and proteins. These fats and proteins are sensitive to change. When you add the dish soap, it causes a reaction making the water and fats move, which then pushes the food coloring to the edge of the plate.

This happens because molecules are negatively or positively charged. Also, some have no charge at all. The charges on the water, fats, and dish soaps interact together which is why the food coloring moves.

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