Science with Shields: Episode #57 – Glow-in-the-Dark Gelatin


ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — In this episode of Science with Shields, Christy Shields shows you how to make glow-in-the-dark gelatin.  

What you need:  

  1. Lime gelatin 
  2. Tonic Water 
  3. UV Flashlight 
  4. Bowl 
  5. Refrigerator 


    Boil one cup of tonic water, and have another cold cup of tonic water. When boiling tonic water, be careful because it is carbonated and can bubble over very easily. Make sure to have a parent or guardian help you with this part. In a bowl, mix the Lime gelatin mix with the boiling and cold tonic water. Mix well, and then put in a container and refrigerate for over four hours. After your gelatin has “set up,” turn the lights off and take your UV flashlight over the gelatin and see how it glows! 


    The gelatin glows due to a substance found in tonic water. This substance is called Quinine. When you put the flashlight over the gelatin, the light emitted is longer than the one that is absorbed causing it to glow. If you used normal tap water, it would not have the glow like tonic water does!  

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