Science with Shields: Episode #41 – Monster Mallows


ALTOONA, Pa. (WTAJ) — In this episode of Science with Shields, Christy Shields shows you how to make a monster mallow.

What you need: 

  1. Marshmallows
  2. Paper plate
  3. Microwave


Put a marshmallow or two onto a plate and microwave it for about 45 seconds. Observe how the marshmallow grows to be ginormous! Also see what it looks like in the middle.


Marshmallows are made up of sugar and water. They also have air bubbles in them. The microwave vibrates the water molecules. The hot water in the marshmallow warms the air bubbles expanding the marshmallow to become ginormous! When the marshmallow is taken out of the microwave and it cools, the bubbles shrink and the sugar hardens again. This will make your marshmallow flat.

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