Penn State student shares inspiration for being apart of American Red Cross


UNIVERSITY PARK, Pa. (WTAJ) — One Penn State student wants to make the public aware of how important donating blood is.

Alexa Plisiewicz is a Penn State junior who is heavily involved in several organizations on campus, including a biological club, a service sorority and the American Red Cross.

“I’m an onsite coordinator for the student Red Cross Club, so basically I’m the lead volunteer at the blood drive so I coordinate where the volunteers go and where they’re needed at every blood drive,” Alexa said.

Her involvement through the red cross started when she was appointed as the blood drive chair for her service sorority, Gamma Sigma Sigma.

Alexa says being the chair helped her meet Melissa, who opened her eyes on ways she could do more.

“I also did a little bit of volunteering and donating in high school, but definitely not on the level as I was when I was a blood drive chair, so I started with that and she convinced me to an OSC, which is on-site student coordinator, here at Penn State, which is where I coordinate with volunteers at every blood drive,” Alexa added.

Her job as the OSC entails recruiting students and faculty to donate blood, put their information in a database, and helping with coordinating food donations

Alexa has first hand account of just how important donating blood can be.

“I’m a camp counselor at two different camps called Double H Ranch and Camp Discovery, and both of them are for kids with chronic illnesses, and a lot of my kids do need blood transfusions on the regular, especially for kids that have certain skin disorders.”

“It’s kind of crazy to think that if people weren’t donating blood that most of the times these kids would not be able to get those blood transfusions which could complicate different things during their medical procedures, and it’s crazy to think their lives would be so impacted if we didn’t have people donating,” Alexa continued.

Every donation of blood counts.

Tune in to our Red Cross Telethon on January 28 to find out how you can help the Red Cross.

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