Local elementary school hosts wax museum display showcasing U.S. Presidents


PORT MATILDA, Pa. (WTAJ) — Various presidents from our nation’s history showed up at Port Matilda Elementary School to talk about their time as commander in chief.

Presidents from Thomas Jefferson, to Theodore Roosevelt and even George H.W. Bush made their presence known.

All of this at a push of a button.

These third grade students are taking what they learn and know about the president they were assigned, and embodying who there were, all the way down to their looks.

Each had a different reason why they chose which president to impersonate.

“I liked his name, his birthday was close to mine, and I like horses,” said Ava, who was dressed as Zachary Taylor.

“I really liked the facts about him and I thought he was going to be a good president,” Paul said, who was dressed as George H.W. Bush.

“I liked how he was dressed, and I liked that he had a lot of cool interesting facts about him,” Jarrison added, who dressed as Theodore Roosevelt.

This wax museum display has being going on for 15 years now. Students are required to do a report, then a speech on their president.

Students say they spent plenty of nights preparing for the day.

Henry Cowan, President Dwight Eisenhower
“I kinda just sat down at school and home, and for about five minutes and I just remember certain paragraphs and parts of my speech,” Dwight said, who impersonated Dwight Eisenhower.

“I didn’t really learn, I just looked at it, one time when I was done with it, my teacher just gave me it to me to practice at home and I saw then I already memorized it,” Jarrison exclaimed.

“I practiced every night to say my speech,” Ava added.

The students here at Port Matilda Elementary School are proving you can make learning through history fun by creatively merging the past with the present.

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