Hiking the Abandoned Turnpike


Back in 1968, the Pennsylvania Turnpike closed a section of highway as tunnels that were only one lane each way were just too small for the growing traffic. A section of this turnpike from Bedford to Fulton county went from a major highway to one of the most popular hiking and biking trails in the state.

There are two main ways to gain access to this trail. The one from Breezewood is a little more difficult to find and get to, so I tried the other side which is located near Waterfall in Fulton County. I was pleasantly surprised. This side has an easy to find large parking lot to access the trail.

Breezwood Entrance

Waterfall Entrance

While you don’t need heavy hiking boots for this trek, you do want to have some flashlights as there are two tunnels through the 8 miles. And be cautioned as there are some areas with broken glass so closed toed shoes are suggested, and if your animal has sensitive paws, booties are a safe way to go. Also, while the path and history is fun for the family to enjoy, keep in mind there is a lot of graffiti, much of which is not PG.

You will run into the first tunnel about a mile from the Waterfall parking lot. This tunnel is just over a mile in length. Long enough that in the middle, it’s hard to get light from either side. It is also nice and cool inside the tunnel, a good suggestion for the hike.

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