HUNTINGDON, Pa. (WTAJ) — Every year, the Geissinger family from Huntingdon put on a firework show at the top of Flag Pole Hill for the whole community, and this year will be no different.

In order to make this event happen the family receives donations from the community.

“Dad puts a letter out about two weeks before the fireworks actually happened, to just raise the money,” said Chris Riling, daughter of Bob Geissinger, Sr.

“It was just a letter he put out to businesses and just different people in the community that would send in donations.”

After originally pushing back the Huntingdon fireworks till Labor Day, the Geissinger family decided to have the fireworks on July 5, with COVID-19 conditions improving across the region, but they will do so, with heavy hearts.

“The 5th would have been is 84th birthday…and our parents 64th wedding anniversary,” Riling explained.

“And dad passed away on May 10th.”

Bob Geissinger Sr. spearheaded the firework display for several years, and people called him “Mr. Huntingdon” affectionately.

His daughter, Chris, says he always brought the community together to make the fireworks happen year after year.

“Everybody was welcome, it didn’t matter what community you were from, he didn’t care, it didn’t matter, if you were from Mount Union or Shirleysburg or Altoona, everyone was always welcome to come to Huntingdon to see the fireworks display.”

And the family is asking for those who want to donate to the fireworks display, to send the money to P.O. Box 17 in Huntingdon. The fireworks will begin at 9:40 pm, on July 5th.

The family also says they will be doing a celebration of life for Bob at Detwiler Field in Huntingdon that day from 5-7 pm, and the public is invited to attend.