SNOW SHOE, CENTRE COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ) — A drive through food giveaway at Mountaintop Alliance Church is one of the many activities the Civil Air Patrol Group has been doing to give back the Centre County community during this coronavirus pandemic.

Civil Air Patrol’s original mission was providing coastal surveillance during World War II, but now, that mission is different.

“We’re using our personnel and our resources to help the community sustain themselves,” said Brandon Weber Director of Cadet Programs for Pennsylvania Wing.

The Civil Air Patrol’s new mission in not only Centre County, but across the commonwealth is providing meals and masks for those in need.

“A lot of it is the manpower, helping pack the boxes, distribute the boxes, helping food get from point A to point B and then manning the actual centers,” Weber added.

Cadet Greg Andrews, who has been in State College’s Civil Air Patrol Group for nearly three years, is one of several cadets wanting to get out and make a difference.

“I know there is a lot of kids out there that they’re just going to sit at home playing video games, it feels good actually be out here making a difference being able to support families who can’t support themselves,” said Andrews,

“They’re just going to continue to serve the community until we’re back to a point of resiliency and they’ll go back to the community themselves,” Weber continued.

Statewide, the organization has given out 200,000 meals and 3,000 masks. Weber says over the next few weeks the Civil Patrol Air will be supporting various food banks, in conjunction with the YMCA.

The organization is at the West Branch Middle School Tuesday’s and Friday’s, Mountain Top Alliance Church in Snow Shoe every second Thursday, among other places throughout the week.

For more information, visit their website.