C.O.R.E. sees a record-breaking year in organ donations


JOHNSTOWN, CAMBRIA COUNTY, Pa. (WTAJ Plus) — The Center for Organ Recovery and Education, C.O.R.E., announced a record-breaking year in 2019.

“C.O.R.E. had more organ donors than ever before because of the generosity of 253 organ donors in Western Pennsylvania and West Virginia, we were able to give life to 661 people nationwide,” says Katelynn Metz, Communications Coordinator for C.O.R.E.

She credits the donors for their gift.

“Every single one of the transplants was made possible because of a generous donor and because of their courageous family who in the midst of a terrible tragedy of their own deciding to give life to somebody else.”

Courageous families like the Kubat family. Jason Kubat’s brother Nathan passed away nearly six years ago in a motorcycle accident.

“Nathan was a good hard-working man, he was a good husband, he was a good father. He was active as he played football in high school and would do anything for anybody,” says Jason Kubat.

Doing something like donating his heart, liver, lungs and kidney after passing away.

“As soon as we were able to get our driver’s license, it was a decision that we made ever since we were 16 years old that we wanted to be organ donors,” says Kubat.

10-years ago, Dave Pringle was diagnosed with Cardio Myopathy and in 2019, his heart started to fail, but he got a second chance.

“May 15 of last year I was fortunate enough to receive a donor heart at Allegheny General. It’s been nine months since I’ve received my heart,” says Pringle.

He says he is doing great.

“I got to have another Christmas with family, I can still look after my grandchildren and still be there for my family. It’s very special to me that I got to have that chance.”

Even with a ten percent rise in organ donors, Metz says they still need help.

“We still have about 113,000 people nationwide, including 7,000 people right here in Pennsylvania who are waiting for life-saving transplants.”

Registration is easy.

“Go to core.org, register and you can sign up right there, of course, every time you go to the D.M.V. they’re going to ask you they’re going to want to know if you want to be an organ donor on your driver’s license.”

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