A cool look at migration through the seasons across the world


Did you know there was a bird that travels over 44,000 miles a year? The Arctic Tern spends the Northern Hemisphere summer near Greenland and then travels all of the way to near Antarctica for the Southern Hemisphere summer.

Arctic Tern Migration

While the Arctic Tern may be the extreme traveler there are a lot of birds that spend half the year in one spot and then the other half somewhere else far away. NASA helped to track these migrations and have come up with the migration patterns of many birds in the Western Hemisphere.

Bird Migration from NASA

September is a popular time for the birds to be on the move across the nation. One way to track their movements and to find out when there are a lot of birds over your location is to check out the information from BirdCast.

This site is really cool and helps you to learn all about bird migration.

Birds do most of their movement during the night hours. It is suggested to turn off outdoor lights and pull down the shades on your windows to help keep them safe on their journey. Many of these birds will pass over the ocean, albeit for brief times, while getting their food from the land. Some birds that feed on fish, like the Arctic Tern, will travel mostly over the water feeding on their way.

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