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Before he’s up on your housetop…Santa needs to know what you want for Christmas.

And in Centre County there’s one way to make sure he has all the details in writing.

“We actually assist Santa in the Centre region in gathering letters that he and Mrs. Clause will answer personally,” said Carol Baney, Retiring Chairperson for the Letters to Santa Program.

The State College Sunrise Rotary Club, works with the Corner Room in downtown State College to make sure every child’s letter makes it up to the north pole…thanks to a special mailbox on College Avenue.

It can hold a lot of letters

“We average about 300 letters a year,” said Baney.

So don’t worry, yours will fit…just make sure you send it in time.

It’s a long journey to take it up north…and be sure to let Santa know where he should mail his response.

“Make sure that you put your return address on it, you do not need a stamp,” said Baney. “But people that don’t have a return address, Santa just doesn’t know who to send the letter to.”

The Corner Room takes care of the postage…right inside the door they have cards pre-addressed to Santa.

“They’re able to fill out whatever they like, as far as what they’re looking for, for Christmas, and if they’ve been a good boy or girl, then hopefully they’ll receive what they wish for,” said John Briggs, General Manager of the Corner Room.

But are letters still the best way to get in touch with Santa? WTAJ spoke with the big man himself to see if the old ways are still best.

“Not everybody has the internet and messaging on their phone,” said Santa. “So letters is still the best way to do it.”

Santa did tell us that he gets emails and texts too, and there’s ways to contact him online…but it’s tough to get a hold of him on his phone.

“Because I’m always in the shop working… making TOYS!”

Santa also told us that he doesn’t have a long naughty list this year, but reminds kids to still be good for the rest of the month if they want presents.

“I haven’t given any bad one’s out yet this year. I have no plans to give any out. Everybody’s been pretty good. Things are just about all ready to go…it took all summer and all fall to get it ready, but we’re ready!”

Santa said beyond toys, his top request in letters from Centre County kids is a new puppy.

And to show how he’s adapted to the new tech age, he’s encouraging kids to send him website links to the items they want.

But at least in Centre County, mailing your letter seems to guarantee presents underneath the tree.

“At this point, there’s nothing better than an old fashioned letter in the mailbox,” said Baney.

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