WTAJ WEB 1ST: New nursing facility coming to Centre Co.

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The field off the Benner Pike is set to be the sight of a new nursing care facility.

A nursing home in Centre Care aims to give seniors a place that looks and feels like home.

Sharing a small room with another person can feel more like a college dorm than a home which is what the 240 individual rooms in the new care facility will change.

“We have enlarged the size of the resident rooms,” said Ed Balliet, Chief Operating Officer for Complete Healthcare Resources. “There are many different areas throughout the building, there’s going to be a little giftshop bistro on the first floor, there’s going to be a chapel, there’s going to be many areas that are going to be more homelike than it would be to be in a smaller institution.”

Smaller institutions like Centre Crest which is currenlty close to max capacity with  only a handful of private rooms.

And the new center will be more than  a nursing home.

“We’re going to have many levels of care, in that we’ll be providing not only general nursing long-term care, but also a high acuity unit for those who are discharged out of the hospital and need additional services,” said Balliet.

That unit would be the first of its kind in the county.

They’ll also be a space for short-term rehab and a place for those with Alzheimer’s to receive specialized care.

Although the plans are in place, the project could still face challenges.

“I think our biggest challenge is going to be the weather. We need to get started in the spring, we have an aggressive timeline for being able to have the project completed,” said Balliet.

A fallen tree was cut at the proposed sight Friday, signifying the hope that construction will begin on time.

“This is clearing the way, clearing the way for the new home for the county,” said Centre Care Board President Betsy Boyer.

The goal is for the new Centre Care facility to be completed by 2020. But before any official construction can begin an additional $6 million must be raised.

“We are finding people are willing to donate and give to us,” said Boyer.

Boyer feels confident going into  a public fundraising campaign that will kick off in late November.

And one selling point, beyond the improved care the center would bring, is jobs.

“My guess is we might be back to up to adding 100 or better, 100 to 150 additional jobs.”

That would include jobs in nursing, maintence, and nutrition as the new center plans to have nine dining rooms compared to the single dining area in the county’s Centre Crest facility.

All part of giving those across the county the best care they deserve.

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