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Janice Dellaquila and Zak Breniman own Dream Float and Dream Catch, a flotation therapy spa and seafood store, which opened in St. Marys this year.

They wanted a way to thank the community this Thanksgiving for all the support their new businesses have received.

So they decided to give away free Thanksgiving meals to those in need.

“If you’re definitely thinking about where I’m going to eat tomorrow, what am I going to do, if you’re even thinking about that, please come out tomorrow morning and get yourself a meal,” said Dellaquila.

The idea started as a post on Facebook… And within 5 minutes, donations began pouring in.

“Everything that we had asked for in the post, the community came together and donated,” said Dellaquila.

People giving potatoes, pies, stuffing and even turkeys.

“Right now we’re looking at we have enough meals to feed between 400 to 500 people,” Dellaquila said.

With Thanksgiving just hours away, there’s lots of preparation left to do.

“Here we are the day before, prepping,” said Breniman. “So we’re getting ready today. We have all the turkeys cooked, we spent 24 hours cooking how many turkeys? Thirty turkeys.”

They’ll start handing out meals at 10 a.m. Thursday.

It will work in a drive-thru style. They’ll take your orders, then bring them right to your car.

“Hopefully we get a large rush of people, we’ll try to keep it as organized as possible,” said Breniman. “This is our first time doing this, and we hope to continue to do it every year. It would be nice to make this kind of a tradition.”

Dellaquila and Breniman said the meals are even open to those in need of a meal, those working Thanksgiving, and individuals who live alone and may not want to cook a meal for themselves.

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