WTAJ WEB 1ST: Boy wins $3,000 toy shopping spree

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6-year-old Keegan Stanisic from Snow Shoe in Centre County was one of three lucky kids across the country to win a $3,000 toy shopping spree.

Here’s the catch– Keegan and his mom only had three minutes to grab as many toys as they could.

“I just had to run, get as much as I can,” Keegan said.

“It was total chaos,” his mom Raquel Stanisic said. “I didn’t think it would be. I was yelling to him and we would stop and he would grab.”

It all happened at the DuBois Walmart Tuesday.

Nickelodeon crews caught the whole experience on camera for a social media revival of their 90s TV show Toy Run.

“Why bring back the toy run? Because it’s every kid’s dream come true and that’s what Nickelodeon is all about,” Rebecca Blumberg with Nickelodeon said.

When the time was up, Keegan had filled several shopping carts with toys.

“I picked up some Lego sets, Nerf, and a little doll for my cousin,” Keegan said.

The store was filled with lots of support from friends, family and Walmart associates.

“Keegan treated us really well today, he didn’t trash the place too bad,” DuBois Walmart manager Howie Allen said. “The biggest thing is cleaning up the confetti from the excitement at the end.”

Excitement that Keegan and his mom will never forget.

“It’s a lifetime memory, I mean how many kids get to run through a toy aisle and get whatever they want for nothing? We’re very thankful to Walmart and Nickelodeon,” Stanisic said.

She said Keegan will keep many of the toys, give some to his cousins and donate the rest to their local food pantry.

Keegan’s Toy Run: Family Style shopping spree will available to watch by mid-December.

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