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Pennsylvanians won’t have to worry about an increase in tax at the gas pump in 2019.

The state released its fuel tax rate for next year, and the gas tax will stay at 57.6 cents per gallon.

That compares to a 58.2 cent tax rate in 2017.

“I’m glad it’s not going up anymore, it’s already high enough really, but as long as the money is being used on the roads the way it’s supposed to, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” DuBois resident Perry McKendrick said.

Even with the tax rate staying the way it is, according to the American Petroleum Institute, as of October, Pennsylvania has the highest gas tax in the nation when combining local, state and federal tax.

That means when Pennsylvanians go to the pump, they’re paying about 77 cents per gallon in taxes. With a national average tax of about 52 cents per gallon, that’s about 25 cents more.

The gas tax went up in 2014 after a bill was passed to increase funding for state highways and state police.

“I would pay another 6 or 7 cents a gallon more if they continue this work, you know, because our roads around here are getting in shape finally,” DuBois resident Garry Keller said.

The tax rate on diesel will also remain at 74.1 cents per gallon.

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