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A Clearfield County nursing home rocked the day away to raise a little money for new technology.

With the juke box on…DuBois nursing home is ready to rock.

In rocking chairs, that is.

Friday was the DuBois Nursing Home Annual Rock-A-Thon, a fundraiser that started in 2015.

“We just wanted to do something fun with our residents with music and rocking, and we’re rocking with our residents again,” said Melissa Huffman, Director of Business Development at the nursing home.

For five hours, residents and guests rock and raise money through a bake sale and rocking chair raffle.

That money goes toward something the residents decide they want or need.

This year, they want iPads.

“Those in their 80s, some even 90s, are coming with smart phones,” said Huffman. “So we’re seeing that population growing that are more technology savvy.”

“Keeping in touch with the families is definitely the most important thing for our residents and those that have families that are homebound, technology nowadays is huge, so it’s beneficial to the residents,” said Becky McCartney, Director of Social Services.

DuBois Nursing Home is a nonprofit and relies on donations.

Rock-A-Thon raises around $3,000 each year.

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