Facebook takes down “Storm Area 51” event page


(WTAJ) — On August 3, 2019, the “Storm Area 51” event page was taken down by Facebook.

Later that day, Reddit user DylanTatetTot posted a screenshot of the notification showing that the event was removed for “violating the site’s Community Standards.” Within 48 hours, the Reddit post was 98% upvoted and had over 350 comments.

While the creator of the satirical event always stated that it was indeed a satire, a joke, it didn’t stop almost 2 MILLION people from selecting “going” and even more saying they were interested.

It didn’t garner too much attention for the US Military other than a press release stating that the men and women of the Area 51 Air Force base were sworn to protect American soil and that they “probably have a lot of guns on a military base.”

It didn’t stop people from joining in on the viral event. Hundreds, if not thousands of memes were created. “Plans” for the attack were in place, starting with the Naruto Run directly at the base, leaving “all the Kyles with his monster energy drink” for the second wave of attack.

The event got the attention of local business owners too. From food trucks and diners to souvenir shops and vendors, there were a few plans to create a whole event for people who came. Tents, camper spots, food, drinks, entertainment. Even Bud Light got into the action!

Hey, maybe they’re on to something here! A two day “Storm Area 51 festival” could just catch on, don’t you think?

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