Oregon recycling center finds a large sum of money

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(WTAJ/KIEM) — How do you accidentally toss out more than $20,000?

One man in Oregon did, and it went straight to a recycling center.

“All that money..why you keep money in a shoebox?” said Brian Sollum: Operations manager, Recology Humboldt County

The reaction of most after finding out someone mistakenly tossed out money.

It wasn’t just $20 try close to $22,723.

“Largest amount of money I got to handle,” said Nick Page: Sorter. Recology Humboldt County.

A man from Oregon stashed the money in a vans shoe box. He had gotten from a trailer he sold previously, and was going to use this money for him and his wife to get a new travel trailer.

According to sources last Thursday. The man’s wife picked up the shoe box and placed it in curbside recycling, never looking inside.

When the man went back for the box to his surprise, it was gone.

That’s when the phone calls begin.

“We got a frantic call…Keep an eye out for it.”

Recology Humboldt did just that, and luckily for the ma, his call paid off, literally!

“I was doing some lining when I saw a stack of 20 dollars bills.”

All money was recovered except for $60 says Sollum.

Recology’s operation manager says they’ve come across valuables before but never a large lump sum.

The money will be returned to the owner who tossed it out.

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