“Green Shirt Guy” laughing at Trump supporter goes viral, says it’s surreal

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TUCSON, Az. (CNN) — Video of a man laughing at Trump supporters during a city council meeting in Tucson, Arizona Tuesday has gone viral.

The video of the man known now as “Green Shirt Guy” has been viewed millions of times on social media.

Now, “Green Shirt Guy” is speaking out about his recent recognition.

“It’s been kinda non-stop, constant communication, updates and it’s weird. It’s surreal,” said Alex Kack, “Green Shirt Guy”

Alex Kack was at the city council meeting in support of a sanctuary city initiative. It had enough signatures and city officials were legally required to vote to put it on the November ballot.

Right after the vote though a woman started shouting, and what happened next pushed Kack to internet fame.

“Why wouldn’t you laugh at this? People really took time out of their day to go interrupt a city council meeting to just yell crazy, ignorant, racist, hate-filled stuff in the most absurd manner they could possibly do it,” Kack said.

While Kack has gotten most of the attention, the Tucson resident says he want the focus to be on the sanctuary city measure that will soon go before voters.

“It’s an incredibly dark time and there is a lot of hateful rhetoric that’s happening nationwide right now but ultimately I think the majority of this country – regardless of their political affiliation – understands that the loudest voices happening right now are kind of ridiculous. And I think the laughter is resonating because I think that’s kind of how people feel right now.”


The vote on the sanctuary city initiative is scheduled for November 5th.

If approved Tucson would be the first sanctuary city in Arizona.

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