Winter Weather Terms, What do they mean?


You may be hearing some weather terms right now that you’re not sure what they mean, so here are some explanations. 

Bombogenesis is a term that meteorologist have used for years. The term is used to describe an area of low pressure, that has its central pressure fall at least 24 millibars within 24 hours. When this happens it will strengthen the low and make winds faster and stronger. Many nor’easters end up “bombing”

Millibars is a unit we use to measure pressure. When you have low pressure, it means usually we will have a cloudy day or precipitation. If we have high pressure, that is when we get nice sunny days.

Snow Rollers happens naturally when wind pushes chunks of snow, which picks up more snow, naturally doing what you do to build a snowman.

Advisories Vs. Watches or Warnings

Watches – Means the weather can happen, but has not yet, be prepared.

Advisories – Means the weather is occurring, but it’s not life threatening, and more of a nuisance or bother, but you’ll still want to be cautious.

Warnings – Means the weather is occurring, could cause damage and potentially be dangerous and life-threatening.

Wind Chill Advisory criteria for Central PA is that it will feel at least -15 outside.

Wind Chill Warning criteria for Central PA is that it will feel at least -25 outside.

When it feels like below zero or lower outside, it could lead to frostbite within less than 30 minutes, so try to limit your outside time outside. Try to  stay safe and warm. Also don’t forget to keep your pets warm and check on your neighbors!

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