Why don’t we have many morning rainbows?


A fair amount of people were able to catch a view of a bright rainbow this morning. Not too often do we have a rainbow in the morning, and it’s on the opposite side of the sky than what we are used to. Why? Let’s first start off with talking about rainbows. 

To get a rainbow you need these ingredients. 

1. A sun that is not too high in the sky to your back.

2. Rain falling in front of you.

Normally to get the sun and rain out at the same time you need smaller scale precipitation like showers or thunderstorms that only partially cover the sky. . These showers and thunderstorms are more common during the warmer part of the day which is during the afternoon into the evening hours. Since the weather normally moves from the west to the east, these rainbows occur after a shower or thunderstorm passes. This will leave the setting sun to the west and the rainbow to the east. 

This morning we had an approaching line of showers from the west. Since the there were breaks in the clouds ahead of this line, the rising sun in the east gave us a view of the rainbow to the west. 

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