Why did my town disappear on your weather maps?


Some people have asked why did we remove their town, most recently Huntingdon, from the weather maps? The answer is we didn’t. If you think about it, what advantage would it be to remove information? There is none and towns have not been removed.

Where such towns are missing, is on current and past weather maps. It’s because the weather station where the information comes from is down. These are not our stations, and not all of them are from the National Weather Service either. We strive to find as many official thermometers to show the current and past weather. Unfortunately at times these go down. At this time Huntingdon and Emporium are down and there are no secondary options.

Please keep in mind that where the towns are missing, the information is only what you can see, or saw, out of your window. Your towns are on every single one of our forecast maps, both our Futuretrack maps and our maps written by our meteorologist. Also, the locations are the same as always on our important Doppler radar maps. Nothing has changed on these maps which are more important to knowing what the weather will bring.

Rest assured, as soon as information starts flowing in, that current and past weather will automatically and immediately show up on your maps.

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