Weather to hold you over – Mid-afternoon storm update


Here’s the latest on the winter storm to hold you over until the news.

Snow has now spread over the entire region and is falling steadily. The snow has been heavy enough to cover most roadways with temperatures holding the 20s. With such a cold snow it will be a powdery which helps to prevent too much of a build up on trees and powerlines. Also the snow will be lighter which will help things too.

The heaviest snow will be later this afternoon into early tonight where it will fall at a rate of 2 inches an hour. This is a rate that the snow crews will have a tough time keeping up, so have patience. Also, the more people that avoid the roads, the less interference they will have with their work.

Total accumulations will be 12-18″ in the counties near and east of I-99 with less farther to the north and west. It will be enough snow everywhere to cause issues.

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