World’s tallest sandcastle built in Denmark

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The world’s tallest sandcastle has been built in northern Denmark.

Towering at nearly 70 feet high, the castle in the town of Blokhus is almost 12 feet higher than the last Guinness world record, achieved in Germany in 2019 at about 60 feet.

The castle is pyramid shaped and a wooden structure was made around it in order for the artist to cut the amazing figures in the sand.

Around 9,720,000 pounds of Danish sand with approximately 10% of added clay for a stronger finish were used to build the sandcastle.

An extra layer of glue has been put on top to ensure the castle lasts through most of the winter season.

The castle was built by 30 of the world’s most talented sand sculptors under the guidance of Dutch artist Wilfred Stijger.

The Guinness record was measured by an authorized surveyor and signed by witnesses. It is expected to feature in the book’s next edition.

The locals call Blokhus the “end of the road” in the north of Denmark and they are happy that their local characteristics, such as wind and kite-surfing, beach houses, fish and lighthouses are part of the sandcastle’s decorations.

The castle also gives a nod to the coronavirus pandemic with decorations including a man sleeping next to a large syringe or the coronavirus as the crown of the castle and people crawling up to fight it.

“We started with corona on top and we gave it a crown because corona means crown, so it’s nice and double, but we also gave it a crown because it is ruling our lives everywhere,” said Stijger, the lead sandcastle artist on the project.

The annual Sand Sculpture Festival in Blokhus starts every summer, and it has become a tradition on many of Denmark’s sand beaches to make artistic sand sculptures that stand until the winter frosts disintegrate them.

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