814cast: What kept us chilly today?

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Thursday’s Recap: Thursday morning was quite cold. The low temperatures were in the single digits to the lower teens. There was some sunshine during the morning hours, but a thin layer of clouds moved in by midday. Also, the winds were coming out of the southeast. The combination of a very cold start to the day, thin clouds blocking out of the sunshine and the easterly winds kept the temperatures low today. The high temperatures today were in the mid to upper 20s with a few of us in the lower 30s. The average high temperature for this time of the year is 34 degrees.

The Setup: High pressure is setup just southeast of Pennsylvania. The winds around a high, flow clockwise. The clockwise flow gave us a easterly competent to the wind. When the winds are easterly in Central PA, we see a weather phenomenon called “Cold Air Damming”. The cooler more dense air settles into the valleys. The cold air has a hard time moving over the mountains and spilling into the western counties. Therefore, the eastern counties are a bit cooler than the western counties.

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