What is a wintry mix?

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Monday night into Tuesday morning we will be dealing with a wintry mix. What is a wintry mix? It is when different forms of precipitation or water, are falling from the sky. This means we could see snow, sleet, freezing rain, or rain falling Monday night into Tuesday morning.

First, we have snow, snow forms from ice crystals in the clouds. The crystals will stay frozen and fall to the ground.

Then we have sleet. Sleet starts as snow, but when it hits a warm pocket of air, the snow melts to rain. As it continues to fall from the sky, it moves back into the cold air refreezing it. You can tell it is sleet from the pinking noise on your car or windows.

Next, we have normal rain, but we can also get freezing rain. Freezing rain happens when rain hits a cold surface and freezes on contact. This can create a dangerous sheet of ice.

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