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Brenson Davis was our Weather Kid Wednesday for this week. Brenson is in third grade at Tyrone Elementary. Brenson loves watching the Weather Channel with his dad. Brenson’s favorite thing about weather is tornadoes! He loves asking questions about the weather and how it can change quickly!

Brenson says what he loves about the weather is that it is very interesting! He says, “I am always curious about why different places get tornadoes, hurricanes, or tons of snow! It also interests me because you never know what is going to happen next! Knowing and understanding the weather can help save lives around the world. When you look at it, some people just see the weather, I see a lot more than that!”

Thanks Brenson for coming in and helping with the weather! You have a bright future ahead of you as a meteorologist!

If you have a kid in elementary school to 8th grade that would be interested in being one of Weather Kid Wednesday’s, email Christy at

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