Water-conscious Coloradans love “Garden In A Box”

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Garden In A Box is an economic and water-saving way for even beginner gardeners to create their own beautiful, sustainable yard! Each kit contains all the materials homeowners need to create a waterwise, drought-tolerant garden that’s attractive to butterflies and other pollinators, including 14 to 30 specially selected starter plants, a plant-by-number map and instructional care guide. The creator of Garden In A Box is Resource Central, a nonprofit conservation organization, which sells the kits through partnerships with 26 local municipalities.

With the potential to add color and beauty to any yard, each planted garden ranges from 60 to 100 square feet and contains plants perfectly suited to Colorado soils. Kits contain all the materials homeowners need to create their own waterwise, drought-tolerant garden.

Boulder-based nonprofit Resource Central started Garden In A Box almost 20 years ago as a pilot program and now sells over 5,000 kits annually, through partnerships with Front Range municipalities. In 2018, 391,000 square feet of xeric gardens were planted through the program, saving approximately 41 million gallons of water, equivalent to around 60% water savings compared to grass.

“In a drought-prone climate like Colorado’s, the amount of water we get from the mountains can’t support our growing population or the vegetation of our landscape,” said Neal Lurie, president of Resource Central. “Xeriscaping is an absolute necessity in our state, and families who transition to a yard prioritizing water conservation are helping their whole community.”

Replacing just 100 square feet of grass with a Garden In A Box can save an estimated 7,300 gallons of water over the garden’s lifetime — that’s 150 full bathtubs! Kits also increase a yard’s biodiversity while creating new habitats for butterflies and other pollinators.

Each kit contains a combination of starter plants that fare best in different spaces and levels of sun exposure. This year, kits include Butterfly Bounty, Naturally Native, Rocky Mountain Retreat, Seasons of Shade, Homegrown Harvest and more.

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