Virgin galactic unveils spaceship interior

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Virgin Galactic unveiled the cabin interior of its SpaceShipTwo Tuesday (28 July 2020).The firm says the cabin was deliberately sized to allow for out-of-seat weightlessness experiences for passengers onboard.

The cabin is fitted with 12 windows for passengers to gaze at Earth. 16 cameras capture their reactions throughout the journey. Company officials consider the cabin of SpaceShipTwo the centrepiece of a customer’s journey, saying it was designed to provide a level of intimacy as customers are launched into the lower fringes of space where they can experience weightlessness and get a view of the Earth below.

The unveiling was streamed online, due to current restrictions on travel and large gatherings stemming from the coronavirus pandemic. The company recently appointed former Disney executive Michael Colglazier as new CEO. Colglazier has most recently been president and managing director of Disney Parks International.

More than 600 customers from around the world have purchased tickets for a flight aboard Virgin Galactic’s spaceship. The suborbital flights are designed to reach an altitude of at least 50 miles (80.5 kilometres) before gliding to a landing.

Officials have yet to offer a date for the start of commercial flights, saying final testing is ongoing. The next round tests will involve rocket-powered flights.

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