Understanding wind alerts will help you stay out of danger during windstorms

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Strong and damaging winds are impacting Central PA today. During wind storms
it is important to know what the wind alerts mean to keep you out of harms way.

A High Wind Watch means that conditions are favorable, but nothing is
happening yet. This is typically issued 24 to 48 hours out of a windstorm if a
High Wind Warning criteria could be met.

A High Wind Warning means that damaging winds are occurring. The criteria
for a High Wind Warning is sustained winds at 40 miles per hour or above and/or
wind gusts above 58 miles per hour for any duration of time.

A Wind Advisory means that strong winds are occurring, but they are not life
threatening. The criteria that needs to be met for a Wind Advisory in Central
PA is that winds could be sustained from 31 to 39 miles per hour for more than
an hour and/or wind gusts between 46 to 57 miles per hour for any duration of


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