The Super Pink Moon will be visible for some of us in Central PA tonight

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Today, Monday April 26th, around 11:32 PM the moon will be at its fullest. Not only will this be a full moon, but it will also be a supermoon. Thanks to everyone who has been sending in photos already! Keep the photos coming!

The full moon in April is called the pink moon. It can also be called the egg moon or the fish moon. It is a supermoon because the moon will be reaching within 90% of perigee. A perigee is when the moon gets closest to Earth in its orbit. A supermoon is 7% larger and 15% brighter. Remember with a supermoon, it is hard to tell that it is larger and brighter without a telescope.

Tonight we will have some clouds around, but the moon will still appear to be full through Wednesday morning, so we will have plenty of opportunities to view it. The next full moon will happen on May 26th at around 7:14 AM.


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