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The term Bermuda High is a weather term used frequently during the summer months but what exactly is it? It is a high-pressure system that develops and settles over the Atlantic Ocean, normally over Bermuda. It plays a major role in the weather for the eastern seaboard and also where hurricanes go.

Locally, when there is a high-pressure system over Bermuda it pumps warm and humid air into Central PA. The winds around a high-pressure system spins clock-wise. The winds grab the warm moist air from the Gulf of Mexico and the southern states and bring it up to the northern states. When we are under this weather pattern you will find our temperatures in the 90s.

The Bermuda High also plays a major role in where hurricanes go. According to NASA, a normal Bermuda High often leads to hurricanes moving up the east coast and out to sea. During summer 2004 and 2005, the Bermuda High expanded to the south and west, which steered hurricanes into the Gulf of Mexico rather than up the east coast or curving out to sea. Once in the Gulf, most hurricane paths will involve landfall at some location.

To learn more check out NASA’s page and watch a cool video about the Bermuda High. Click the following link.

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