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Did you know that temperature extremes do not happen on the coast but inland? 

Places like Minneapolis, Minnesota will have bigger temperature differences compared to places like Miami, Florida because it is not near a body of water. 

Water is slow to cool or warm, this leads to it lag compared to land. Our air temperature is impacted by how the earth’s surface is heated. This means if you live by an ocean, there will be less seasonality, or less change in temperatures near the water. Land locked areas will have bigger differences. It will be colder in the winter, but warmer in the summer. 

For example, Minneapolis, Minnesota’s record high temperature recorded was 105 degrees in 1988. Record low temperature recorded was -34 in 1970. There is a huge range due to the land heating and cooling.

Miami, Florida on the other hand is by the ocean so its highest recorded temperature was 100 in 1942 but lowest recorded temperature was 28 in 1940. 

This applies locally too! If you live in an area by a body of water, you’ll have less changes in temperatures compared to places not by water. Also, in urban areas it will be warmer compared to the countryside. 

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