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2019 was the year that changed things for thousands of kids across our area. That’s when public schools had the option to start using flexible instruction. This new way of teaching allows schools more options to make up weather days or even teach kids from home. There is a catch though, you have to apply and be accepted to the program.

Dr. Robert Gildea, the Superintendent of Hollidaysburg Area School District said, “The flexible instructional days would give us the opportunity if there is a significant weather event, to get the day in. For the kids to get instruction. It doesn’t replace face to face instruction, it is not the greatest thing, but its an option.”

For some schools like Glendale Area School District, geography plays a big part in their decision to not participate at this time.

Ed DiSabato, the Superintendent at Glendale School District said, “We are faced with our proximity here to some disadvantages with internet access to a majority of the homes. I think right now, a lot of those programs are based on having internet access, and broadband internet access into a majority of the homes. We are not quite where we need to be in order to offer a program to meet our needs and our students needs.”

Hollidaysburg Area School District is currently waiting to find out if they have been approved to participate in this program, and they believe it will take a lot of pre-planning to use a flex day during the school year.

Dr. Robert Gildea, said, “We would be required to make that announcement at noon the previous day, which many times when there is a weather forecast there is a lot of uncertainty. If that were the case, and there was uncertainty and we were not able to make that determination the previous day, there would be the possibility of just having the normal snow day where the students would be off school in that case the day would have to be made up at the end of the school year.”

Don’t worry kids, snow days can still happen and when they do w-t-a-j has all of the information for you!!! This year we are launching a new look to our closings and delays on our website that will make it easier to find your school and learn about your closings or delays.

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