STORM REPORTS: Update on severe thunderstorms and damage

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A number of Severe Thunderstorm Warnings were issued throughout the afternoon and evening hours. Hail, tree damage and power outages were all reported Wednesday, May 27th.

Within a cell that moved through Jefferson County, the storm put down hail in some locations. Lanes Mills in Jefferson County there was penny sized hail reported. It was .75″ in diameter

In McMinns Summit there were two reports of hail. Quarter size hail an inch diameter and nickel size hail .88″ in diameter was reported. These reports came in around 1:20 PM this afternoon.

A number of damage reports also flooded in from the State College area. By the three o’clock hour a collection of traffic lights were out and numerous trees and branches came crashing down. One report came in along the 300 block of Nimitz Street when a tree came down and just missed a house.

Another report came in along Garner Street, after a tree split and fell onto powerlines. The general area had a number of residents that lost power due to strong thunderstorms with gusty winds. Meanwhile, the 500 block of Locust Lane also saw some trees and branches snap and topple over.

From about 5:00 to 7:00 PM, a second wave of strong to severe thunderstorms moved from west to east across Central Pennsylvania. This sparked severe thunderstorm warnings in Cambria and Blair Counties. It was a fast-moving storm with a speed of 52 Knots (60 MPH) and it packed a punch with strong damaging winds.

One property between Johnstown and Ebensburg saw a great deal of damage. Numerous trees were brought down and found sprawled across the grounds. Some of those trees not only toppled over onto part of the patio but also some vehicles.

Skipping over to the next county, the force of damaging winds continued as the severe thunderstorm moved eastward. Numerous trees came down and were even uprooted in the Riddlesburg area. Some fell onto powerlines resulting in power outages.

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