Spring gardening with cold weather

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There’s no question we are not yet done with the cold. The changing temperatures present a question for many. Do you plant your garden, or do you wait?

It’s the inevitable thing about living in the northeast. There is a mix of cold and hot springs so it can be a tease when it comes to the right time to make the first dig. Scott Farrington, owner of Indian Creek nursery on Saddlecreek, says tulips and shrubs will be fine in colder temperatures. Farrington adds that when temperatures hit around 34 or 35 degrees then that’s time to think about finding a safe place for other plants.

“If they planted tender things outside, covering them with theses temperatures we are going to have will be good and using clothe as opposed to plastic works better so an old sheet is better than using the old piece of plastic from the garage.”

He says if you’re waiting a little longer to move your plants outdoors, it’s okay to keep the plants small. You can do this by restricting the plant’s water and keep it in a smaller pot. He also says during the pandemic, more people have been buying local. He is hoping this summer is just as strong business-wise as last summer.

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