Why snow is a great Insulator

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We all know snow is cold to the touch, but did you know it is great at trapping heat? The Inuit and Eskimo people are well known for building and living in igloos or snow houses. The igloo doesn’t just protect them from the wind and snow but also from the life-threatening temperatures. For example, the temperature outside of an igloo can be well into the negatives but inside an igloo the temperature can be between 20-40 degrees and sometimes warmer. The igloos can get that warm from just body heat along. So how is snow such a good insulator?

Snow is a great insulator because it is made up of 90 to 95 percentage trapped air. Because the air is packed tightly between the ice crystals, heat has a very hard time escaping. Thus, warming the air inside the snow and inside the igloo.

Keep this in mind so if you ever find yourself lost in the woods during the winter months you can keep yourself warm. This tip could help save your life.

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