Rural vs. Urban Air Temperature

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I am sure many of you have noticed the difference in temperature between cities and farmland. The difference between urban and rural temperatures is most noticeable when the winds are light and the sky is clear. Here are a few reasons why there is such a big difference in air temperature.

Rural areas are made up of vegetation. The abundance of grass, soil, trees, and fields absorb lots of water. The plants transpire water through their pores. This leads to evaporation and this process cools the air. Cities are made up of concrete which doesn’t absorb a lot of water.

The vegetation helps absorbs the sun’s light when then leads to evaporation which we just learned cools the air. While the sun heats up the metal and concrete in the cities leading to warmer air.

Lastly cities have a greater amount of air pollution and green house gasses. The green house gases trap the heat to the surface. This also leads to warmer air.

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