Protections for carbon holding seagrasses

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Scientists say one of the worlds largest meadows in the world is helping to fight against a warming planet. Uncharted waters could hold the keys to change.

A carpet of green that spreads along the ocean floor for miles in the Indian Ocean appears to be the largest contiguous seagrass bed ever, globally.

Scientists say seagrass capture more planet warming carbon dioxide per square mile than a forest. Considering the area of seagrass is the size of Switzerland, that’s a lot.

Not only is it one of the largest carbon storing plateau, it is also home to a lot of sea life. However, environmental experts say seagrass is in danger with the world losing a football fields worth every thirty minutes because of human activity.

Activist Shaama Sandooyea is working hard on getting the message out and is demanding strong climate actions to protect the huge area.

The tangled roots of seagrasses are estimated to hold more than 10 percent of the carbon buried in ocean sediment every year. Scientists say, protecting the environment will also preserve our future.

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