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Powerful thunderstorms producing heavy downpours, gusty winds and hail ripped through Sanford, Maine. 

Longtime residents Elaine and Dana Lane said they were closing their windows when all of the sudden they lost a line of trees in their yard. More than a dozen of their 40 year old Colorado Blue Spruce Trees were scattered across their yard. After living there for 30 years, it was the first time they experienced something like this.

“I mean it came up with the root balls and everything so you’re not gonna hear much, no snapping or anything… it is almost like slow motion…. it was actually kinda cool. Hahah.”

Across the street at Lavigne Strawberry Farm Leland Theriault said a couple of maple trees were taken down. 

Not only were multiple trees down, irrigation sticks were tossed around like matchsticks destroying crops. Owner of Lavigne Strawberry Farm, Patrick Lavigne, said he won’t be able to pick his crop because they are all bruised.

Damage in the area also included a shed being picked up and tossed hundreds of yards. Trees also came through the roof of a mobile home. The owner shared that he was okay.“Everybody is healthy and nobody got hurt and in a storm you really can’t ask for much more than that.”

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